Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Less than 4 weeks!

Just under 4 weeks to go until the return of Running with Krissy.
The Alamo 13.1 takes place March 23rd. Krissy and Terre Krotzer will be here in San Antonio to participate. What an inspiration Krissy is to us all!!!
As March is Trisomy awareness month, we thought it was only fitting that we kick off 2014 this way.
Last weekend was my 8 mile training run. Just a couple more long run weekends before it's here.
I've been getting the stroller workouts in, wearing out the tires (and my legs! LOL).
The hills here in NE San Antonio HAVE  to be worse than downtown...so Krissy and I should have a nice easy run that morning (yeah right!!!)

On another note, T-shirt orders can now be placed. Bright Lime green is the color for the 2014 Tour. We have regular cotton t-shirts and poly-blend "tech" t-shirts available in all sizes...including youth (get some support for your child to wear too!).


Also, if you don't have a request in, please check out the Running with Krissy page to send us a request for an awareness ribbon. This run, Krissy's stroller will again be adorned with colorful ribbons with names of other children with Trisomy disorders and children (trisomy or not) who have left to soon. It was a beautiful, inspirational statement in Portland...lets do it again here in San Antonio.

One last thing for today...we'll be downtown for the Alamo 13.1 the morning of March 23rd. If you're interested in running with us, or just coming down to cheer Krissy on, we'd LOVE to have you. Just send us an email and we can get you all the details!!
We're hoping to raise funds for Krissy's new push chair before the July SOFT conference race. If you can help us out we'd greatly appreciate it. We have a fundraiser just started, check it out!

Thanks for all of your support for Krissy and I through this journey.
God bless.


Sunday, January 26, 2014

We're Back!!

It's official! Krissy and I are register for 2 events already this year.

So, after a great, relaxing couple of months off with the family since the October Portland Half marathon, it's time to get serious again.

The October debut of Running with Krissy was amazing. Krissy seemed to have so much fun. I had never run that distance before, and I think it’s pretty safe to assume Krissy hadn’t either. It was a humbling experience, and wonderful on so many levels. The number of people that were able to meet Krissy along with way and find out more information about Trisomy disorders was great. The motivation that they provided to us was immeasurable.

For 2014, we have 2 events scheduled and confirmed already. We will be participating in the Alamo 13.1 on March 22nd.  San Antonio friends…mark your calendars please! We would love to have all of the supporters of Team Krissy that can be there. March is also National Trisomy awareness month. Coincidence?? I think not! We will again be raising funds to help spread Trisomy awareness.

The second event scheduled, is a repeat of the Portland Half marathon in October. We’ll be back in Krissy’s neck of the woods for the 13.1 up there again. (Chilly weather I’m sure…but all the Oregon and Washington peeps can come out to support us!)

A potential 3rd event is in the planning. We are hoping to join, or perhaps arrange, a run event to coincide with the SOFT conference in Virginia in July. Any ideas about this? Please let us know.

So…back to serious training. Got in a 5 miler with the stroller before church this morning. The practice stroller has now been adorned with a water bottle holder and speaker mount. I definitely get some interesting looks running an empty stroller down the freeway access roads here…but the hills provide great training.

I’d like to thank you all for your support. I would never even attempt this myself. Krissy is such an amazing motivation, and spreading Trisomy awareness is so dear to my heart, that it keeps my legs going. More news to come in the future as we plan for trying to get a real push-chair for Krissy!