Wednesday, October 2, 2013

4 days to go...getting nervous!

Had a great flight with the family Monday night, arriving safely at SeaTac Airport late in the evening. Tuesday, got to go up and see Terre and Krissy again. She's gotten so much bigger than I remember! We loved being able to see her up in her walker. We were able to get her in the running stroller to check for fitment and comfort. She certainly seemed to enjoy it...even took a short walk together. She has such an amazing smile! :-)
Today, got some errands run for the upcoming fundraiser and got to spend some more time with family and friends. Tomorrow...up to see Krissy again for a short run. Then, taking the stroller to the bicycle shop for a quick tune-up so everything is ready to go for Sunday.
I'm hoping all goes well for Sunday. It sounds like the weather might just cooperate. I'm just hoping that I'm not so slow that Krissy is completely bored crazy. Here's to being nervous :)

If you haven't had a chance, check out
We're still taking names to add to ribbons on Krissy's running stroller for the half marathon.

Also, all money raised at is being donated to S.O.F.T (Support Organization for Trisomy disorders) and A Butterfly's Touch (a non-profit providing infant loss support).

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