Saturday, September 21, 2013

2 weeks to's going to be great!!

2 weeks to go...and all I can say is amazing! What a great way to start off the weekend. Just 2 days ago we started a new Facebook page for the Running with Krissy awareness fundraiser. This morning we were over 80 likes on the page already!! We have also had a great influx of donations through 
What a great surprise to come home to after a long run. 
Speaking of that long run...this was my last before the big event. Gusty winds and all the hills of northern San Antonio couldn't stop me this morning. Took the stroller 10.6 miles today in 2:01. A mile and a half further than my previous longest run. I can't wait to hit the flat Portland course. Running Krissy and all of her accompanying ribbons will be....amazing!
Thank you all for all of your support this far..and please keep it up. We have only 2 weeks until the Portland (half) marathon!!! 

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